Prorifi3D Upgrade Kit for Original i3 MK3/MK3S/MK3S+

Stage: Stage1: XY Motor Upgrade
Additional E&Z Motors: none
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This Kit is for the Prusa i3 MK3/MK3S/MK3S+

For the Prusa MINI/MINI+

For other none Prusa machines

Motor Resonance Rippling (commonly known as VFA) is a major factor in print surface quality loss. We designed specialized and optimized motors for the X and Y axis that can greatly reduce vibration which causes the MRR and hence solve the problem from the source, boosting the surface quality.
Each X and Y motor we produce is tested with reports attached and only those with more than 75% vibration reduction relative to the original ones are qualified. By doing so we make sure that every motor we delivered will reduce MRR from the source and improve the print quality.
Compared to the original motors, the Prorifi3D motors offer higher performance by reducing resistance and inductance while maintaining the same holding torque. Through testing and optimisation, by increasing the motor's operating current appropriately*, our motors achieve up to 2x the maximum speed and 5x the maximum acceleration** with only a 20% increase in heat generation. The heat sink included in the kit even keeps the motors running cooler than the stock condition, ensuring stability.
* The motor running current of the i3 series can be adjusted directly by G-code, or by modifying the firmware
** Original: default 200mm/s@1000mm/s^2; 360mm/s@5000mm/s^2 after Stage1 upgrade; 400mm/s@5000mm/s^2 after Stage2 upgrade
i3 series maximum speed and acceleration limit breakthrough requires firmware modification

*Our motors are developed specialized for the original Mk3 series. After complete compatibility tests, the motors are perfectly compatible with MK3/MK3S/MK3S+, and no compatibility issues have been found so far for our motors on MK2.5. In addition, our motor kit is also fully compatible with the Bear upgrade frame.
The rigidity of the printer system is mainly determined by the timing belt and the frame. Therefore, based on Stage1, we further optimized the printer frame structure and further enhance it with the effectively wider timing belts. These makes the new design approximately 15 times more rigid in the Y-axis than the original one.
At the same time, we designed an innovative dual belt system that shifts the two belts by half-pitch to compensate for the polygon effect caused by the wider belts. These improvements, combined with our stage1 motor upgrade kit will make your machine almost eliminate MRR and further reduce other imperfections such as Ringing, achieving an almost perfect surface print quality.
* To apply the Prorifi3D frame upgrade you only need to print the plastic parts yourself. Pick your favorite color and build a unique machine!

Stage1: XY Motor Upgrade

Starting from $99

Stage 2: XY Motor Upgrade + Structural optimization

Starting from $249

Better MRR suppression for more comprehensive quality improvement

Additional Motor: E & Z Motors

+$100 Enjoy the Less Heat and Extra Silence


As an Open-source project, our solutions and kits are developed based on the findings from the community. We cannot go this far without all the active members of the 3D Printer Community around the globe, who shared their wisdom and experiences with us.

Our solutions are upgrade kits that are built upon the existing designs. Here is a list of names and projects that we would like to thank and credit for their direct or indirect inspiration to our research and solutions:

Original i3

Bear Upgrades


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