We are a group of open-source 3D printing enthusiasts in China and also a big fan of Prusa machines. As a maker group, we tried many 3D printers with different structures, brands, prices, and Prusa is the one with the most decent user experience among them. During years of printing with Prusa, we found it decent but with great potentials. Despite receiving constant updates from Prusa, some bugs remain unfixed. Thus we start to modify and upgrade their machine based on our past user experience, information from the community, and knowledge in this field. We also discussed our findings and results with other Prusa users in the group to solve these universal issues. After sharing these improvements with our friends among the local community, we received many approval and valuable suggestions. Later on, we decide to commercialized this project to reach and benefit even more makers, not just the local community. With months of further optimization and production preparation, we are finally ready to start our business and deliver this product to the market, hoping to bring a better user experience to makers all around the globe.


For us, open source is not a way, but the only way we want to build our system. Prorifi3D i3 upgrade kit was born from the idea of fixing and improving the original i3 design, we stood on the shoulder of giants and look forward. By doing so, we can benefit the whole community of 3D printing lovers and makers. We will give back to the open-source community by making all our designs and source codes available to the public via GitHub for free. Because we would like to contribute to the open-source community, and couldn't imagine building our project any other way.