Kits and Upgrades

After applying the XY motor upgrade, you can immediately notice a reduction in noise and heat generation. With proper tuning and correct installation, your machine will have a huge MRR reduction and overall performance boost. But to reach almost MRR free, a frame upgrade is necessary.

First, our upgrade kits are solutions to reduce MRR and boost the overall performance. We also focused on optimizing the motors and made it specialize for 3D printing. Both of the kits have a frame upgrade to increase the rigidity of the original machine. But ours is stronger and the extra strength is necessary as part of our solution.

If you build your i3 from kits then you have all the necessary tools and skills already! If not, don't worry, we have a detailed upgrade guide for you. You only need to get the tools required.

The motors have exactly the same dimensions and connectors as the stock ones. For the XY motor upgrade, you only need to replace the original motors with the Prorifi3D ones. If you built your i3 from a kit, this should be familiar. For those who don't have hands-on experience on their i3, we have an installation guide to assist you. For full motor upgrade, you also need to take off E axis and Z axis, this can be a bit challenging. For the frame upgrade you will need to almost rebuild your i3. But don't worry, we have detailed guides for all upgrade kits.

Yes you can! Our motor kit is fully compatible with the Bear upgrade. Feel free to try our kit if you already apply the bear upgrade to your original i3. And for the frame upgrade. Despite our frame being stronger than Bear's, buying a new frame upgrade is not cost effective.

If the motors on your 3D printer have the same size as original i3 stock motors, this kit should be compatible. Since the MRR generation mechanism is the same for all 3D printers. Our kit should also be able to reduce MRR on your machine.

We are located in China. For more details please refer to our shipping policy!


Want to find some friends to share with? You can join our Prorifi3D community on Facebook. Since it is an upgrade kit for the Original Prusa i3. You can also find a lot of experienced makers there. We recommend you join both!